Solar power for developing countries

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tournesolThe Tournesol is a very special sunflower. When the sun shines on it, it will twist on its stalk. Very educative! Moreover, if you purchase them, you will support our mission.

Everybody will discover the fun of solar energy with this educative do-it-yourself-kit. The Tournesol can be bought at PicoSol. The margin we make, is all for the good purpose.

The Tournesol-kits are manufactured in Cambodia, at the workshop of our friends of Kamworks. They pay a fair salary to the guys who start their solar carreer at this social company.

The Tournesol is supplied in a rigid blister-packing. It's a great present to give away. The Tournesol is also a part of our PicoSol education materials for primary schools.

What is the price of this nice flower?

AmountUnit price ex VATPostage NLPostage Europe
1 € 5,00 € 2,00 € 3,40
2-9 € 5,00 € 6,75 € 8,50
10-40 € 4,80 € 6,75 € 25,00
40+ € 4,60 € 12,40 (max 30kg) € 41,15


If you want to order Tournesols, please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will confirm the order. Within two weeks, you will receive the parcel with invoice. Quicker than that is usually possible. In that case, we ask you to notify us your hurry. 

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Village entrepreneurs in Cambodia

Support a village entrepreneur!